3 Clues You’re Out of Tune With Your Biology

The body is a machine that gets better with use.


It’s the most sophisticated machine on the face of the Earth. However, we need to keep it tuned with our biology – the natural state we were meant to exist in.

AI, supercomputers, and Tesla’s do not match up with the level of intelligence contained in your vessel. Take the ego down a notch; I’m not talking about how smart we both are. I’m talking about the unconscious intelligence that keeps our bodies running.

This intelligence keeps us alive, yet we all seem to take it for granted…

I believe we are in the midst of a renaissance of dissolving this entitled attitude toward that which sustains us. Many, including myself, came out of this mindset because we’re fed up with living out of alignment with our biology.

Here are 3 signs that you’re out of tune with your biology and how to tune your metaphorical guitars to play that sweet string music.

  1. You are more awake at night compared to the day
  2. The few steps you take outside are to and from your car
  3. Like an old lawnmower in the shed, your body is stagnant and collecting dust
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1. The Myth of the Night Owl

The long-term health consequences of shift work are bleak (https://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/features/shift-work):

  • 40% higher risk of cardiovascular disease
  • 50% higher incidence of diabetes
  • Lower levels of the hormone leptin, thus raising hunger and contributing to obesity
  • Increased risk of depression and mood disorders

My grandpa did it for years and was always around to take me to and from school. Therefore, I have respect for the people who take on the necessary job of working nights. Without them, many essential services of the modern world would cease upon sundown. About 25% of the U.S. population performs shift work – those same people are out of tune with their biology.

If those above statistics tell you anything, it’s that being awake at night and asleep during the day is at odds with our biology. Humans aren’t nocturnal.

The reason the birds sing in the morning is to catch the worm. Annoying as it may be, the songs also wake us up to fetch our proverbial worms. In actuality, the sun is the main driver of our wake-up times.

When the sun is out, I know it’s going to be a good day and I know the original tweeters think so too!

How to Wake up Earlier

If you’re not a shift worker and would like to sleep and get up earlier, the fix is simple: get outside and view sunlight in the morning for as long as you can.

The act of exposing your eyes to the sunlight resets your circadian clock for the day.

The Great Reset isn’t some nefarious plot by the elites, it is a reality taking place in your being every day – you just have to go out and get it (Sunlight that is…oh, and the worms too because we can’t let the early birds have them all).

By getting an early dose of sunlight, you entrain your body to wake up when there’s light and sleep when it’s dark.

This isn’t rocket science; it’s called routine.

2. Your Body is Designed to Move A Lot

Our ancestors moved out of necessity to hunt and forage for food. We move for money to buy food. The problem is that most are making money from a desk.

Modern convenience has alleviated most of the work needed to survive. So, it is our responsibility to thrive!

And in order to thrive, we need to move.

Don’t think of exercise as an inconvenience that offsets the convenience of modernity. By viewing the need to move with the same level of necessity as your ancestors, you are more in alignment with biology. Exercise isn’t a chore when you view it this way, it becomes something you do because it is who you are.

3. Dust Yourself Off and Rev Up That Motor

Think back to your favourite Christmas gift as a kid. Got it?

Chances are you ripped that sucker open after you’ve shown the gift wrap who’s boss.

What you didn’t do was let it collect dust. So, why are many doing the same thing with our bodies, the gift given to us by God?

I believe the reason lies in convenience served to us on a silver platter. Maybe that Christmas gift for you was an iPhone – a device that placates even the best of go-getters from time to time. If used correctly, the device can serve as an enhancement to our biology. Conversely, it can lead to our bodies collecting dust.

I learned this the hard way by using technology as a means to avoid what I needed to do. It was a crutch conveniently located in my pocket that I leaned on.

Technology shouldn’t lead to apathy, it should foster growth and forward movement toward your goals.

It took some time for me to realize this and it also took Apple some time, with screen time functionality being launched in 2018 – 11 years after the first iPhone’s release. Screen time works not only for kids but for adults in search of changing their relationship with technology.

Playing around with screen time settings can override our nature. We default to the path of least resistance – a concept that humans seek pleasure and avoid pain.

By avoiding pleasure and seeking pain, you are dusting off the old lawnmower, pulling the rip cord, and taking full advantage of the gift that is your body.

4. And Never Look Back

Acting in tune with our biology only stops when the lights dim and we sing our last song. Afterward, we move on from this world to a place where nothing goes wrong.

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