Why the Ego is like Your Appendix

Diagram of the human appendix

Our ego is a remnant of the past. 

It is formed by the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and our place in the world. Due to the nonsensical stories my ego spews, I realize that the ego deserves to stay in the past. 

It is becoming vestigial. 

How does Something Become Vestigial?

Biology defines vestigial as an organ or part of the body becoming degenerate, rudimentary, atrophied; the result being functionless in the course of evolution. A more general definition is a very small remnant of something that was much larger, and noticeable in the past. Since the ego isn’t physical, I’d stick with the latter definition. 

Vestigial is an adjective describing something that was much more larger and noticeable in the past. The ego has had the same timeline not only for my life, but also, I believe, on a global scale — from past, to present, and to the future. 

The ego of the past was the dominant force. It was always us vs. them in the quest for power. Standing in the way of that was the enemy, and violence was the answer. 

Although violence is still present in our world today, I believe that it has taken a back seat to strong opinions and discourse. Opinions entrenched in the battlefield of I am RIGHT and you are WRONG. I think debate can be healthy and productive — this aspect of the ego will be the small remnant that remains after something has become vestigial. 

Now for the argument → the ego needs to become vestigial because it keeps the world from forgiveness and humility, while imposing restriction through limitation and fear. 

Stories of Us vs. Them Disables Forgiveness

Like all great stories, there is always a protagonist and an antagonist. Our ego tells us these stories all the time. Sometimes it’s me vs. you. Sometimes it’s me vs. me. Other times it’s me vs. an ideology/opinion/group. The number of matches in the tournament of our mind goes on. 

This may be productive but it is not hard to see that it could quickly turn unproductive. It can be unproductive when the enemy is not one person but rather an ideology, opinion and/or group. Situations like these lead to dangerous generalization of individuals even remotely associated with your antagonist. 

Other times the enemy is one person who had wronged you in the past. Ruminating on this past event not only fosters a victim mentality, but also keeps you from forgiveness. 

An Inflated Ego isn’t a Humble Being

Did you ever come across someone so self-absorbed that you laugh at how ridiculous they sound? There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. A confident human is a humble being. An arrogant human is an inflated ego. Inflated ego’s are illusory; that is why we laugh. 

We all experience something that temporarily boost our ego. If we are humble, we are able to transition back to reality. The modern age of social media is flooded with tools to give this temporary boost. With these great tools, come great…You all know what I am about to say, that’s right, grounding opportunities. 

Bring yourself back down to earth.

Tell Yourself a Lie 1000 times and it Becomes True

A limiting belief is concrete…until it is not. Limiting beliefs are things we all bear at some point in life. 

They start as thoughts in the wet sidewalk of our mind. By stepping in the same spot over and over again, the imprint becomes deeper. Eventually, it hardens into cement; that is belief. 

Think constructive thoughts and this process works for you. Think destructively and it works against you. 

Limiting beliefs become self-perpetuated by the ego who tells us stories of why we are limited. This keeps us in a box while we deserve and crave expansion. Break free. 

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