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Why Our Brains Are Designed for Quality, Not Quantity

A craftsman at work.

Become a specialist, not a generalist. Your brain is built for it.  We are exposed to increasing amounts of information on a daily basis. People liken this to the world speeding up, but it’s not. Our endless media feeds only make…

Nature Keeps Us Sheltered from Society’s Storm

A shelter in the storm

I admire the people who are able to completely detach from society. The nomadic tribes were born into this detachment. And from watching Youtube videos they seem so in tune with nature. They would struggle immensely had they tried to…

You Don’t Need Friends to Overcome Loneliness

A person looking up at the galaxy.

The simplest way to overcome loneliness is not merely tolerating it but relishing in it. We are wired for social connection. As since this is the case, being okay with solitude isn’t a substitute for social connection. A life of pure…

The Art of Mastering Your Metrics

A set of 3 measuring tapes.

We measure our success with self-imposed metrics. Let’s make them realistic! When I buy a book from Mr. Bezos, it is just another day at the office. But imagine how he felt after his first sale. The reason is that…