Average Joe Enlightenment

If you think enlightenment is rare amongst individuals who have inhabited this planet both now and in the past think again. Sure, there are some individuals who have experienced prolonged states of blissful consciousness, but no one could stay in that realm forever. That’s the fantasy land reserved for your seasoned drug addicts and Eckhart Tolle. Let’s be honest that guy has to be the most chill human I have ever seen. It seems that certain people and spiritual figures have attained enlightenment in the form most well represented by the term “nirvana”, but these people are hard to come across. Today, enlightenment for the layman takes on a whole new definition and within it, even the most average of all the Joes can attain it. It all starts with the beta brain wave frequency, the frequency that all our brains are vibrating at when we are awake. This brain state enables us to think and perform everyday functions. Of these everyday functions, average Joe enlightenment starts with reading. Reading is the portal because it enables the thinking mind to think and synthesize concepts that were previously unknown knowns to the average Joe. I say unknown knowns because all of us possess an innate wisdom contained within our soul; it is just up to one to recover and practice it. Reading sparks this and allows one to draw connections between different concepts and how they relate to one’s life in hopes of improving it. The problem is that there is so much out there to read. It doesn’t have to be wisdom from ancient texts like the bible or the Upanishads, although to me these provide the best starting point. It could also be from new age spiritual books like the one’s by Joe Dispenza. A combination of both is good because you then start to see that many of the concepts connect into a web of spiritual insight and knowledge. They say that knowledge leads to implementation through experience and that experience leads to ingrained wisdom in the brain. This is all made possible by the thinking beta frequency mind and is the route to everyday enlightenment. It is by no means easy and I’m not sure enlightenment is an endpoint in itself. I think every day, average Joe enlightenment is defined by the continuous journey of knowledge, insight, and experience – in that order. It is the never-ending search for the truth by uncovering all the unknown knowns within yourself. 

Avoiding Cognitive Dissonance 

An example of one sliver of wisdom I gained from reading and meditating is that I am not my thoughts. Rather, I am the awareness that exists beyond thoughts. Our neo-cortex is responsible for conjuring up thoughts to better interpret the world around us and solve our problems. We could latch onto these thoughts. An alternative would be to accept that you are awareness beyond thoughts. This is immensely powerful because it allows you to distance from the emotional baggage the thought holds. Whether it be a memory or a new idea, I believe it is important to intelligently select which thoughts hold value in one’s psyche. The alternative to this is blindly following all information and thought patterns that come to you internally or externally; this approach is sure to create some cognitive dissonance – an uncomfortable state of a mind that holds conflicting thoughts or beliefs. 

Enlightened Joe’s

Many spiritual leaders have been known to exist purely in the alpha brain wave frequency. This is like a state of pure stillness. Although I don’t know what goes on in their everyday lives, to exist in this state at least 50% of the time is a great way to spend the day. People get into this state after a deep meditative practice or when they’re in the flow state and consumed by an activity. Most humans can’t tap into this state at will but with a consistent embodiment of knowledge and wisdom, people can increase their well-being on their average Joe enlightenment journey. 

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