Blind Faith Gains Sight with a Body of Proof

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

James 2:26

Most kids blindly accept the religious faith of their parents.

Parents have the character quality of being faithful or following strict religious doctrine. Often, it is both. Kids love to emulate their parents, and when it comes to faith, they take on their role model’s faith or lack of it.

Either way, they accept faith unthinkingly by default.

They don’t have the capacity (yet) to think and act of their own accord.

As we grow into adulthood, this blind faith has a way of turning into a body of proof. The verb “turning” is contingent upon action. The type of action required embodies faith in the presence of uncertainty.

Don’t be the person in a perpetual state of manifestation – that is how you stay blind.

You need to understand how faith works to solidify your faith as a body of proof.

Words cannot convey faith. However, I’ll try to present MY understanding of faith by drawing on personal experience. I hope to hear about your body of proof in the comments.

The Cycle of Faith

So we know that faith starts off blind.

A religious upbringing isn’t necessary to initiate one into blind faith. That’s the magic of higher powers at work. You realize that faith is essential only when life throws you through the wringer.

This initiation is independent of religious doctrine. As I said, faith is flimsy through books and sermons. Speech and the written word convey faith, but action solidifies it.

The next stage in the cycle is acting despite not knowing the fruits of your labour.

Enter into the Unknown
Most Westerners know the drill: go to school, get a degree or two, and get a job.

This path has a bad rap with influencers selling people on the idea of escaping it. No one wants to be “normal.” Everyone wants to “escape the matrix.”

However, since most people follow this path, they collectively are the same people who keep the world running.

The unknown isn’t exclusive to ascetics and millionaire influencers who “escaped the system.” The unknown is a place without a lockbox. Everyone will encounter it.

Your plans will undoubtedly change even if you follow the traditional path of attending school, working, and starting a family.

And when thrown off course, you touch the unknown.

“Man makes plans, and God laughs.”

God doesn’t laugh cause he finds our efforts futile.

He laughs because our little ego thinks we’re in control. Our efforts play a huge role in solidifying our faith when God rewards us. But the journey to the reward often starts with blind faith independent of the outcome.

If our actions produce good fruit, I guarantee your once-blind faith will gain sight.

Then you will indoctrinate your kids into the faith that saved you. Their faith will also start as blind, just as yours did. This is because faith cannot be embodied by listening to someone else’s testimony.

How Our Actions Influence Our Biology

When we say, “Faith without good works is dead,” we say your potential remains dormant unless awoken through action.

I believe the most impactful bible verses have a biological correlate.

Here’s some science for you rationalists:

  1. We gain knowledge to solve our problems by consuming content.
  2. We sit with that knowledge and think of ways to apply it.
  3. If you’re not super-rational, maybe throw in little woo-woo affirmations and manifestations.
  4. Jokes on the rationalists because if you genuinely believe these affirmations, your brain “tricks” your emotional body as if you already solved your problem.
  • These are called “as-if” loops (i.e. they’ve never actually happened in reality but only in your mind)
  • This is a component of blind faith – we accept and embody knowledge without knowing the outcome.

5. Our blind faith gains sight (wisdom) when our knowledge is met with experience

  • It isn’t all roses at this stage; sometimes, our knowledge is flawed, and we have a terrible experience. This is still wisdom, the wisdom of what not to do.

This step-by-step process is in our biology.

Visualizing and manifesting prime our nervous system to change through neuroplasticity. Then, once we achieve the object of our manifesting, those neural connections are solidified. Our blind faith gains sight by transforming our genetics. How else would the brain change itself if not by modulating our DNA’s regulatory networks?

Joe Dispenza has a beautiful quote, “Emotion divorced from a bad experience is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom.”

He is one of the leading neuroscientists investigating how neuroplasticity (how the brain rewires itself) can heal you.

Remaining stuck in negative thought loops is a remnant of a past living hell. The intense emotions that come with trauma can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. This is the basis of PTSD.

Many therapeutic methods aim to uncouple emotional conditioning from the bad experience. One I am familiar with is meditation – a low-cost technique that Joe Dispenza credits for his healing from a severe bicycle accident.

Meditation primes your nervous system for change because it prevents negative thought loops from robbing you of your joy. This distance allows one to not spiral into negative emotions. You can experience reality on YOUR terms as soon as this becomes habitual.

Humans are the Earth’s sole meditators.

If Pavlov’s dog could meditate, Pavlov would lose his hold on his dog’s conditioned response to the bell.

Meditate, don’t give in to your triggers, and take advantage to rise above your instincts.

Personal Evolution is Our Body of Proof

Like the fitness newbie experiencing tangible results for the first time, personal evolution occurs when you become unrecognizable in body, mind, and spirit.

Combining faith with good works accomplishes this.

Of course, you can have faith in falsehood and act against the positive forces in this world, but that never leads to evolution.

Choose wisely.

The proof of your folly will be in your devolution.

The proof of your wisdom will be the sweet rewards you reap.

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