A Life Without Distraction is a Sobering & Graceful Reality

Behind all the distractions of the world is grace. Grace is not a distraction, it keeps us going together.

Therefore, what is important isn’t a distraction.

But, what’s important?

We enter the world with an ingrained need to survive — a need fuelled by the fear of death. That was on the minds of our tribal ancestors. By solving this problem, we learned how to live off the land. Then, we solved more problems and learned how to exploit the land. Now, our basic survival is taken care of.

So, what’s important now in 2024?

I don’t know, but it’s not TikTok.

What’s Important?

Is it what feels good?

How about what makes the most money?

Maybe it’s a combination of feeling good and making money because they go hand in hand…I’d say these are important to an extent because it’s how we survive in the modern world.

Feeling good and making money aren’t the most important. There will be always more ways to feel better and rake in more dough. Desire in this way is paradoxical. We want something, go get it, and realize that the getting is more fulfilling than the achievement.

When you already have a basic income, chasing money isn’t important.

When you already feel good, stacking more dopamine is a distraction.

So if it’s not money or pleasure, what is truly important?

That is, what is the only thing in this world that is NOT a distraction?

Circular Grace

Our survival begets the money and pleasure-seeking behaviour in all of us.

The divine in us places importance on God and anything God-focused isn’t a distraction. A life purpose followed through God’s will is not a distraction. It is what we’re meant to do.

I have a theory that everyone has a purpose that God nudges us toward.

You can be chasing after money and pleasure, but God will find a way to change your heart to start seeking him.

People say find God, live out his will, etc. But what does that mean in practical terms?

I’d say it comes from circular grace.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God. Ephesians 2:8

Grace is defined as God’s accepting mercy for our sins. No matter the circumstance, his grace is available to us and we claim it through repentance.

Circular grace is returning the favour to our peers, especially those who need our help.

We called on God for help and he calls on us to help others.

You and I are liars if we say we lack the impulse to lend a helping hand. We may have survival instincts but this divine, altruistic instinct trumps it.

Extend and mimic God’s grace to others, and it will never be a distraction.

An Aside on Spark Perception

I never envisioned myself writing about God in virtually all my posts.

I feel compelled to do so because his word has been on my mind. In thinking about the ideas in the Bible, connecting them to blog topics seems natural to me. In many ways, he is that spark that changed my perception of myself and the world.

Hopefully, his word can do the same for you.

Surviving A Crisis

A life of distraction brought me to a spiritual crisis.

This led me to the theory that God finds a way to nudge you into a life without distraction.

Sometimes this nudge can be subtle. For me, it was a full-blown panic attack. And it happened twice.

Both times led me to disarray.

I needed to find answers. And it took me the entirety of COVID-19 to find solace in spirituality. I’m still perplexed and in awe of the world, but I wouldn’t say I’m confused anymore.

Truth is simple.

It is free of the fluff and distractions that seem to comprise most of today’s world.

One simple truth has the power to overcome a multitude of lies.

One distracting lie could lead to a lifetime of distraction.

It’s like the shiny object syndrome so prevalent in the Western world. We are so busy chasing the next best thing that we forget to live in the present.

We say, “I wish it were this way” when right now is the only way it will ever be.


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