I Like My Life with a Little Seasoning

Seasons exist because they change.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter – the 4 seasons on Earth occur around the same time every year. Your life also exists in seasons. These life seasons, however, do not function like the seasons of the Earth.

Seasons in life occur in unpredictable ways.

You never know when they will come and when you will move into the next one. That could be bad news depending on your need to control things. However, life itself is transient, and the incessant control freak never really has complete control.

The good news is that while the seasons of the Earth are completely out of our control, the seasons of life can be influenced by us through our attitudes and actions towards them.

What are Life’s Seasonings?

Lemon Juice – some periods in life can be sour but if we embrace the certainty that this will happen, we can learn to make…I’ll save you the pain of not finishing that overused cliche, but I can’t save you from the inevitability of this season of life. Only you can embrace the obstacles you need to overcome after being hit with a squeeze of lemon juice in your eyes.

Salt – the most common seasoning on Earth. This season is when life feels common and monotonous. Every day you’re sprinkling the same salt on the same food. That’s not to say your days are unimportant. Often, building great things requires the discipline to do the same thing every day and do it well.

Sugar – When someone asks you, “How’s life?” You reply, “Life’s sweet!” That’s the season of sugar, and sugar makes everyone happy.

and the last seasoning…

My favourite of them all:

Spice – b/c this one is available for our use at any time we need a little spice in our life. When we’re dehydrated in salt, we can sprinkle in a bit of spice. I like to think of spice as anything that makes life a little more interesting than yesterday.

Like seasoning on food, life’s seasonings influence us in subtle ways. (and this list of life’s seasons is not exclusive and is infinitely nuanced to reflect the fact that life itself is nuanced)

Do you ever have stretches of weeks or months where you feel a type of way? I know I have. And that’s an indication to me that I’m in a particular season. A season of being in which I find subjective significance.

Then, all of a sudden, my perspective shifts and feelings associated with that shift subtly follow. And now, especially if lemons were squeezed, I find myself nostalgic for the time before God squeezed those lemons and desperately ask him to, “Pour some sugar on me 🎶”

Lemons are great though, and so are the rest of life’s seasons.

Seasons are Transient

What happens if you add excessive amounts of a particular seasoning to food?

It ceases to be food and devolves into inedible trash.

Life is the same way.

  • If you extend a season past its expiration date, you will devolve.

It works in reverse as well.

Again, modern cooking tells us that too little seasoning causes food to be bland.

  • If you force a season to be shorter than what is required, you do not evolve.

In short, embrace that seasons will change and remain in them at just the right amount of time required for growth. You know when a season changes when your perspectives and feelings subtly shift to a new state.

You know you’re adding too much seasoning when trying to extend/manufacture the good feelings and too little when you’re trying to avoid the bad.

A delicious meal is always balanced.

Relish the Seasons

Photo by Micah Tindell on Unsplash

Seasoning elevates a dish and the seasons of life do the same for you.

By embracing change rather than forcing it, you evolve. Every time you recognize yourself in a season of life, try to extract all the flavour you can out of it. Even if you find yourself in a bland season, remember that it has hidden flavour in the form of lessons from your disciplined action.

And if the bland season feels like it’s dragging on, remember that you have a bottle of hot sauce in your holster ready to make life more interesting!

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