The Mystical is Always There, You Have to Notice It

When every day looks the same, it’s easy to overlook the mystical in our lives.

So how can we inject the mystical back into our lives?

No, you don’t need to consume anything.

In fact, you don’t need anything outside yourself.

All you need is a change in perception.

Because along the way you adopted the perception that life is boring. To shift that is easy – It starts with realizing that every day is epiphanic.

Because every day, as long as the Earth is here, is epiphanic.

We overlook life because of its mundanity and drudgery to survive. But it’s nothing short of a miracle that we get to experience life in the first place. The universe would literally not exist if hydrogen didn’t convert EXACTLY 0.007% of its mass to energy to form helium (Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything – Chapter 1: How to Build a Universe).

So that should tell you life is miraculous.

Because the underlying order that sustains the Earth is as well.

Every day is An Epiphany

We just fail to recognize it because of our constant go-getting activity.

This activity is what makes us, and every living thing, a part of the world’s underlying order. The difference between us and let’s say indigenous cultures, is that we fail to recognize that we are part of the order.

Conversely, when we adopt a mindset of being part of the order that governs the Earth, we realize that every day can be redeemed as an epiphany.

Even though we feel a disconnect from the Earth, we aren’t separate from the underlying order.

Do you see the difference?

One mindset is of separateness – that what we do every day doesn’t really matter.

The other of inclusion – that every day we are contributing to the order of the world.

This order CANNOT be taken for granted.

Everyday There is Entropy

Entropy is that matter naturally flows from order to disorder.

To survive as a living being is to delay entropy.

To eat and drink is baseline survival. For that, we must work. Our work, whether it’s a desk job or on your feet, provides some value to solve another problem that delays the entropy of something else.

As we do this, we contribute to the ORDER of the world.

Entropy inevitably wins after the death of our bodies and therefore our minds.

But can it degrade the spirit?

Well, maybe if there wasn’t a spirit to begin with. Our lives are spiritual when we have meaning to our days and leave a lasting impact, big or small, on the world’s order. And we don’t get there without realizing that every day is an epiphany.

Entropy wins with a lack of the spiritual.

But it will face defeat in the realm of an infinite, persisting order that besets us each and every day.

Delaying Your Entropy On Earth

To delay entropy on the individual level is to delay the entropy of the collective.

How do delay entropy?

Order your life.

Life ordered in mind, body, and spirit delays entropy.

Kinesiology, neuroscience, psychology, spiritual disciplines, religion…there are countless avenues to do this.

I’d argue that all fields of work exist to delay entropy on some level. In fact, delaying entropy is the fundamental meaning of survival.

Civil engineering delays the entropy of city-states.

Medicine delays the entropy of human beings.

Writing delays the entropy of the human mind.

Now for you to be reading this you must be alive, so you delay entropy on some level already.

So I challenge you to not merely delay your entropy, but to reverse it. You do this through the mystical order that keeps the world spinning – it’s always there and will always be there, you just have to notice it.


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