Conquering the Conventional: Let’s Change the Narrative of the Young, Low-Life Man

The typical young man is a low-life loser who sits around on the internet all day because of modern conveniences.

Although the idea may be the prevalent trait for a demographic, I can’t make generalizations about a demographic, no one person can. Science could, but statistics are limited.

It’s sad that the modern cultural zeitgeist portrays us this way. Like I said modern convenience plays a role in this. This modern life is easy to bash on and even easier to feel like you, as a man, are above that and therefore better than most. In case you haven’t noticed, men love competition. I feel this is the reason why content that portrays this lowly ideal does so well. But it’s not really competition with anyone in particular, it is competition with the typical modern, low-life man, an idea.

This portrayal may be true and as sad as it is, if this generalization is accurate, it presents the young man with the greatest challenge and opportunity.

Overcoming the Challenge

The older generations faced the tough challenge of meeting basic survival needs. But we face a different kind of hard, a more insidious kind.

We face the challenge of convenience, overcoming temptations of it, and ultimately finding meaning in a world where convenience makes meaning hard to come by.

Spirituality will redeem the typical low-life man through the pursuit of meaningful goals. This undertaking will literally advance the kingdom of God, beyond the confines of religious denomination. Different religions are vehicles that all lead to one destination – the transcendence of the animal in us in favour of the divine. We need tests to get there. And more often than not, this test comes in the form of things going wrong so they could go right.

Let’s talk about this pursuit in an unlikely place: genetics, molecular biology, and a technique in the field that intentionally makes things wrong to probe scientific truth.

If it Ain’t Broke, You Can’t Probe It

Science doesn’t work without manipulating variables to test hypotheses.

You can’t take a model organism, not do anything to it, and expect to reveal scientific truth. Instead, you need to tinker with a variable to probe at answering your hypothesis.

So how does science tinker with a variable to probe hypotheses?

Geneticists employ a technique that renders genes inactive, broken, or in some cases, removed. Then they observe what happens. This turns the gene from being functional (i.e. the normal state) to non-functional. This is called a loss-of-function assay.

Scientists intentionally make things wrong to probe for the truth.

The only difference between this scientific assay and life is the word intentional.

In life, we often unintentionally make things wrong and learn to never repeat the same mistake. We initially fail God’s test so we could evolve to past future tests. God uses the Devil to test us and that is why there is no evil without good. If we pass these tests, we are the kingdom of heaven. If we fail, we descend into the depths.

Modern young men have quite the challenge, especially if we have previously gave in to this world and its temptations.

The Challenge of a Lifetime

All that is in the world – the lusts of the eyes, the desires of the flesh, and the pride of life, is not from the Father but is from the world. – 1 John 2:16

If there is a quote in the Bible that sums up modern-day convenience, it is this one. I mean convenience in the sense that cheap dopamine is super easy to come by.

This aspect of the world, fuelled by ignorance of its existence, is what unintentionally makes one go down the wrong road. They are our loss-of-function assays. We lose a multitude of things, namely meaning and positive emotion. It’s ironic because we pursue these things for positive emotion, but it ends up taking us further from it.

The route to truly positive emotion, not the hedonistic kind, but true joy, lies in the pursuit of a meaningful goal.

Science says this is the case.

And this is obviously the case because our species will cease if not.

In the end, we’ll be fine as long as the prototypical modern young man realizes and embraces the challenge of overcoming this convenient world. And if this generalizable notion of young men is true, if most of us are dweebs, I believe good will prevail and take the dweeb right out of us.

It is always darkest before dawn.

Things have to go wrong before they turn right!

And through personal evolution is how we weed out the idea of the typical, low-life man

See, science isn’t always red in tooth and claw…we can thank God for that!


"To be continued"
Photo by Reuben Juarez on Unsplash

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