The Movie, Sound of Freedom, Gives Us This Life-Changing Direction Only Few Will Take

Financial security or risk and adventure?

If you had the opportunity to be financially secure for life OR take the risk of going on an adventure into the unknown, which would you choose?

Ex-CIA agent, Tim Ballard, chose the adventure, forgoing a 12 million pension in the process as he quit his job. He didn’t quit his job to pursue something else, he remained in his field of expertise. This happened to be in the realm of combatting human trafficking. Only this time, the bureaucracy of the CIA didn’t hamper justice being served.

Tim Ballard took the risk, quit his job, and now runs Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), a non-profit dedicated to combatting child trafficking and slavery.

I know of Tim like many others have been introduced to him – from the hit movie Sound of Freedom. In the movie, Jim Caviezel portrays Tim and all the badassery that comes from taking matters into your own hands. Sound of Freedom is made by an independent, non-Hollywood, production company called Angel Studios. And you can definitely tell as it packs an emotional punch with its compelling (and largely true) storyline coupled with refreshing cinematography.

The main message of the film is to bring awareness to the prevalence of human, specifically child, trafficking. However, this post isn’t centred around that message.

It’s about how Tim Ballard turned down financial independence, took the leap of faith into the unknown, got the job done, and ultimately netted more opportunity and security than his 12 million dollar pension would ever get him.

It’s about how to forgo a life of financial security in favour of risk, adventure, and truth. And how that can ultimately lead to a life of truer security: self-esteem and fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

What You Get from Financial Security Vs. Taking the Risk of Adventure

Tim Ballard and his 9 kids, 2 of whom had been adopted from sting operations in Haiti, could of all gone to college. And have food, shelter and all the basic necessities in life taken care of.

But would Tim Ballard have the legacy he has now?

Angel Studios spent 14 million to make Sound of Freedom.

It made around 125 million to date.

And now, people know who Tim Ballard is. And more importantly, people know the cause he fights for.

One such person is the motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, who endorses Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

His cause is so huge that he can’t even lead these sting operations anymore. Since its conception, OUR has recused more than 6,000 victims and arrested more than 5,000 sleezeballs.

By contrast, the CIA does not publicly disclose numbers like this. It’s probably hidden behind the bureaucracy that Tim found so limiting.

It is no doubt that Tim’s risk paid off and now he has a movie and an upcoming documentary to prove it. But above all, he accomplished his goal of justice being served. However, Tim was quite risk-averse before he took the leap.

He credits his wife as being the one who was truly all “gung-ho” from the start.

Mother Nature is Self-Correcting

Order is masculine.

Chaos is feminine.

The worldly order, both made-made and natural, is maintained by the masculine force, disrupted by the feminine chaos, and made whole synergistically.

This meta-physical paradigm is played out in the individual family as well.

Tim wasn’t all-in on the risk initially. 12 million was a lot of money. So he went to his wife’s counsel as she would be, after all, taking care of the kids at home while he was fighting the bad guys.

Naturally, you would think she would oppose forgoing the 12 million dollar insurance. But it was the contrary that happened. She couldn’t stand the atrocity of human trafficking and knew that her husband’s endeavour was the right thing to do.

It wasn’t easy, but it was right and aligned with the truth.

If it wasn’t for the feminine, self-correcting, chaos, the masculine order would be rigid and unadaptable to the changing world. A relationship like that shakes the cobwebs off a mundane existence. It gives life meaning.

I obviously don’t know enough to comment on their relationship. But, when the meaning of Katherine Ballard’s life became supporting her family while her husband was saving lives, I could imagine their relationship took on a meaning bigger than themselves.

His wife’s overwhelming encouragement to act was the spark to launch Operation Underground Railroad.

Tim just had to go on an adventure and finish the job.

What Adventure and Risk Will You Take?

The adventure of Tim Ballard is a rare one to go on.

Only a small minority work in as dangerous a field as Tim. And an even smaller minority have the balls to go off the cuff like he did. He is a modern-day superhero indeed.

So what type of adventure and risk can you take?

One question to ask is how much are you willing to risk for the greater good and how can you take the risk tomorrow. Get specific with it. Favour immediacy over a longer-term vision. What you can risk tomorrow may turn into an actualized vision 10 years down the road.

Risk and adventure are unpredictable, therefore, you won’t know where it will take you.

It’ll probably land you in failure before success. But you will be glad to take the leap into the unknown as you will definitely come out stronger if what you risk is for the greater good.

Forgoing the expediency of instant gratification for the future leads to true security.

You may feel insecure in the short-term but this undertaking will guarantee security in the long-term.

Don’t hesitate on your intuition.

And if you’re not sure about taking the leap, mother nature will knock some sense in you.


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