The Power of One Idea

One idea can change your life and unite people to change the world!

Down in the abyss of a meaningless life; all it takes is one idea.

Failure permeates every ounce of your being; all it takes is one idea.

The unbearable pressure weighs down on your shoulders; all it takes is one idea.

An idea so impactful that it may reroute your life, orienting you to actualizing your potential. You can rely on this idea serendipitously falling upon you, or you can actively seek it. Either way, what was once a life anchored to despair, is now free.

What Idea Though?

Ideas can come from an infinite amount of sources, examples include:

  • Spirituality & Religious Ideas
  • Philosophical Thought
  • Therapy
  • The Infinite (God, or the Unconscious)

An idea reaching you can be through any medium of communication. Since we are in the information age, there is no piece of information not available to you. Even the lost book of Enoch in the bible found its way to the world wide web.

The internet made it easy for desperate seekers to find an idea that resonates. So, seek (or google search) and you shall find. Chance and random encounters with others are more attractive than a google search, but if you wait around for them, there’s a chance they will not happen. However, when they do, it is definitely more impactful than an “easy” google search.

Ideas Renew Minds & Unite People

If an idea resonates with an individual, it can renew minds.

If it resonates with a community, it can unite people.

If it resonates with a population, it can change the world.

There are two sides of the coin to every idea. One side is its positive impact while the other is its consequences. The tricky part is that when it is still a latent idea, we don’t know what side the OBJECTIVE coin will land on.

To illustrate, I will illustrate two, contrasting ideas that both resonated with a population:

“I ought not to object to your reverence for your fathers … but to tell you a very great secret, I have no reason to believe we were better than you are.” He also wrote, “Don’t call me, … Father … [or] Founder … These titles belong to no man, but to the American people in general.” — John Adams

John Adams was one of the founding fathers of America, a country founded on principles of freedom. Having this freedom enabled autonomy for its citizens. It took away the concentration of power and diffused it among the people.

Contrast this to democracy’s counterpart: communism. A democratic society does not fail to notice the perils of communism. However, both ideas have the power to unite people. People contained within a communist regime or democratic state believe in the advancement of it. That belief has the power to take one lonely idea and propel it towards popularity.

There is no telling if an idea, at its conception, is to have a positive or negative impact. Only over time do we know which side of the coin it has landed on.

An idea can have a positive or negative impact

One Idea can Change the World

In his book, The Psychology of Money, Morgan Housel states that in the last two centuries only a few ideas have changed the world drastically. Some of the most impactful are:

  • Harnessing Electricity
  • Automobiles
  • Airplanes
  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Smart phones

There is probably more to this list, but you get the picture. All of these things started off as ideas. Over time, the development of these ideas have compounded into things we take for granted today.

The more problems an idea can solve, the more impactful it will be. All business ideas are built upon this principle. However, when an idea is introduced, there will be inevitable push back proportional to how much it disrupts the status quo. Disruptive ideas like these are always exciting because anything fresh and new has the potential to change the world. What once started off as threatening to the traditionalists, can now be transformational if it objectively solves problems of modernity.

The self and the world evolves with ideas turned into actuality. This constant evolution is necessary for the betterment of Earth. Don’t be afraid to put your ideas out there. Doing so will certainly change you and possibly…the world!

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