Blind Faith Gains Sight with a Body of Proof

A worker laying bricks with cement.

“For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” James 2:26 Most kids blindly accept the religious faith of their parents. Parents have the character quality of being faithful or following strict religious…

The Life Cycle of Humanity

Life is darkest before the dawn.

A Personal Essay Inspired by Joseph Campbell We all come from nothing and dissolve into nothing. No one knows where the self was before birth, where it comes from during life, and where it goes after death. There is no…

Average Joe Enlightenment

the enlightened average joe

If you think enlightenment is rare amongst individuals who have inhabited this planet both now and in the past think again. Sure, there are some individuals who have experienced prolonged states of blissful consciousness, but no one could stay in…